Led Light Box Sign NYC With Flex Face

LED Lightbox With A Fabric Face

We can fabricate custom a custom light box for your application with a fabric face and led for lighting.

Typical light boxes used a plastic face and there are size limitations on the size because we are limited to 4×8 or 5 x10 . So if the  sign that is 12′ long you would have a seem.


Using a flex face we can print unlimited lengths and it would be one piece and not have any seams. Typical would be a plastic face which comes in a 4×8 or a 4×10 or 5×8 and a 5×8 which means if the sign was bigger in length there would be a seam in the palstic.

Using the flex face there are no seams. Another issue with seams besides it not looking good is if there are high winds the face can blow out and break into pieces which can damage property or even hurt some one.

Lightbox which was just fabricated in our shop.


Lightbox once its illuminated.


Lightbox installed on customers wall.



Above are some pictures of a project we completed with an LED Lightbox with a Flex Face.

Led lighting also saves money on power , and service calls. Led technology lasts much longer then florescent or neon lighting.

Our lightboxes also  come with a photo cell already wired in. This turns the sign on and off once it gets dark. This prevents the sign from staying on all day because that would cause the led units to fail prematurely . Even if you have existing lighting control like a time clock which can fail this is an added safety .

We can design  , fabricate and install your next custom led light box project.

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