NYC Sign Repair New York

NYC Neon Repair is  full service sign repair company.

We are your one stop shop for all your sign repair services in NYC.

Our trucks are ready to go when you need us. Our trucks are stocked with parts to make your repair as soon as possible with out multiple trip if they can be avoided. We are fully insured . General Liability , vehicle insurance and workers compensation insurance.We are also MBE and DBE certified.

We do our own repairs , we own our own equipment and we repair our own neon. There is no middle man so we can provide you with the most cost efficient service possible.

Our service call rate is $150 an hour on service. Some of our competitors charge $750 just to come out with a bucket truck because they sub contract the job.

Our crew is made of seasoned journeymen who have been in the business for a minimum of 10 years. We have done and seen it all.


We repair all types of signs . Queens , Brooklyn , Bronx , Manhattan and the Bronx.  We also travel to Long Island , New Jersey and Connecticut.

We can retro fit lamps to led and neon signs that are not exposed neon (channel letters) to led and save you a return trip and save you money on parts.


Below are some pictures of a Lightbox that had florescent lighting which we converted to led. We first converted the liquor store sign and the Dunkin Donuts asked us to convert their sign as well.






What to expect when you call us?

We will need some information

  1. Is the sign inside or outside?
  2. Is this  a neon sign ? LED ? Florecent?
  3. How high off the ground  is the sign ? (so we know what size truck we need for service)
  4. Can you send us a picture?

To start the process we need an email from you so we have your contact information , address to the job and get a picture if we cant pull it up on google maps.

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