Sign Repair PRICING

Neon Sign Service Pricing with 44′ bucket truck= 250$ / hr  + Travel charge

Sign Service Higher then 44′ – Call US

( Queens , Brooklyn , Bronx , Manhattan , Nassau County)

Parts ( transformers , neon , power supplies , ballast etc ) are additional.

**Additional costs may occur depending on location.**

Neon service calls: We usually get asked how long a repair takes. Generally it would be an hour to replace a transformer or take out a piece of neon.

Parking lot lighting : We repair parking lot lighting. Our specialty is replacing metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures with 300 watt slip fitter led fixtures.

Light Box Repair:  We replace florescent lighting with  LED. 

Bucket  Truck Rental : at an hourly rate for a minimum of (2) hours plus travel. Call for special rates for half / full day rentals with operator. We rent to private individuals , contractors etc.

We also travel to NJ , CT , LONG ISLAND( Suffolk County ) to repair signs as well but there would be a travel charge ( 1 hour , 2 hours , 3 hours etc) depending on how far you are located.

**All prices listed are estimates , prices might vary job to job but we will inform the customer on all pricing before anything starts. No surprising pricing here.**