Sign Service Pricing with 44′ bucket truck ( Queens , Brooklyn , Bronx , Manhattan , Nassau County)

Parts ( transformers , neon , power supplies , ballast etc ) are additional.

**Additional costs may occur depending on location.**

We specialize in neon service calls and we usually get asked how long a repair takes. Generally it would be an hour to replace a transformer or take out a piece of neon.

We also service call types of parking lot lighting as well and our trucks are stocked with most common parts. ( 1000 watt  bulb , ballast , 400 watt bulb ballast , 250 watt bulb ballast )

For light boxes we don’t service florescent lighting any more inside signs,  we typically convert the light box to LED. Most new signs use led and the older signs that did use florescent lighting were wired for Magnetic ballasts and they stoped making magnetic ballast and have replaced it with electronic ballasts but to make the change the sign has to be rewired. Converting to led at that point is easier and will be cheaper in the long run.

We also rent our bucket trucks at an hourly rate for a minimum of (2) hours plus travel. Call for special rates for half / full day rentals with operator. We rent to private individuals , contractors etc.

We also travel to NJ , CT , LONG ISLAND( Suffolk County ) to repair signs as well but there would be a travel charge ( 1 hour , 2 hours , 3 hours etc) depending on how far you are located.


**All prices listed are estimates , prices might vary job to job but we will inform the customer on all pricing before anything starts. No surprising pricing here.**