Custom Made Neon Signs and Neon Sign Restoration
We custom fabricate all types of neon signs to your needs.

Give us a call or send us an email with what you are looking for and we can make a design for you to approve. We fabricate , install and service or repair all types of neon signs.

We also repair outdoor neon with our bucket trucks.

Neon signs run on high voltage. There are multiple parts and connections that can go wrong causing it to fail. Our experienced techs can figure out the problem and fix the issue.

With neon signs typically it would be either the neon or the power supply or transformer that can go bad. We use a neon tester when we arrive on site which tells us if the neon is good or not . If the neon is not good we have to take it back to the shop for repair. If the neon is good then we can figure out the next step which would be to test the transformer and if thats bad we found the problem or if not then it a wiring issue somewhere.

In the picture above we were called to repair their sign. There was a bad neon tube which was causing the sign to not work. While we take the neon back to the shop for repair we jump the piece out so the rest of the sign works till we are back. Some visibility has to be better then no visibility right?


We also fabricate custom interior neon signs like the one below

This was in a customers bedroom.

Call us now for a quote or send us an email .

(718) 228-9148 or

Many people buy used signs that dont work on EBAY and other places and ask us to repair us. You can save money by sending us an image of what the sign looks like and we can replicate it this way your not wasting money buying the used sign that we would have to make new any way.