NYC Sign Repair / Led Conversion / Retrofit

NYC SIGN / Lighting  LED Conversion

Save time , money on power  , money on parts  and money on labor by converting to led.

Technology has come a far way in signage.

Previously signage was mainly illuminated with either florescent light or neon.Both these systems use high voltage and use multiple parts that work together that often fail.

Florescent lighting  has multiple parts in the system which can fail. There is a ballast , bulbs  sockets and wiring which all operated on high voltage (600+ volts) . The biggest problem is the high voltage because electricity will follow the least patch of resistance. So if it rains and the wiring gets wet its Very easy for the wiring to short out.


Neon also has many parts  like the transformer which operated from 5-15 k voltage. There is a transformer , wiring , and the actual neon.When the neon goes bad it has to be taken to the shop for repair so this adds a trip to the service call which ends up costing the customer more money. The neon it self is expensive because the labor and time it takes to make the custom peices. There is no real replacement for neon when the neon it self is exposed. When the neon is inside a sign or channel letter you don’t see it and its just use for lighting and thats where we can replace it with LED.


The new way to illuminate signage is LED. This system uses 12 , and 24 volts. The system we use is 12 volts. The leds last 50 to 100 k hours . They use a fraction of power compared to florescent or neon lighting . Parts are cheaper and they last longer. Also when the weather gets cold some neon and florescent lighting will not fully illuminate as it would when the temperature is warmer. Led does not have any of those types of problems.

Before led conversion. Fluorescent lighting is currently being used.
Led bars being installed.
Led conversion on this double sided pylon sign for Dunkin Donuts completed.

Most  companies still use neon and florescent because they know when it goes out they will make more money. There are many difference size transformers and ballast and bulbs. With led there are just leds and either a 60 watt power supply or 100 watt power supply. So we can get the job done on the first trip every time as compared to neon or florescent where you need to know what size parts they used and if not you end up having a return trip.


Exiting metal halide fixture
Metal halide on the left. LED on the right.

Environment : You are also helping the environment switching to led because of the power savings. The biggest help to the environment is that most companies do NOT recycle florescent and neon . Most companies just throw these bulbs and neon right into the garbage and there are all sorts of toxic chemicals in them like mercury which once in the landfill will make its way into the water supply. We cant convince everyone to recycle this but we can help stop using bulbs / neon. You are also helping the environment by switching neon to led because with led there are no SECOND trips. When a neon letter is broken it has to be repaired at the shop which means there is a return trip to reinstall the neon . Eliminating this second return trip saves diesel , saves co2 going into the atmosphere , reduces wear on the engine oil etc.

We have pictures of many jobs we have completed where we retrofitted channel letters and light boxes to led and you can see examples on our facebook page  @

Led getting installed in this dunkin donuts cloud sign
Sign getting leds mounted inside.
Face removed and being wiped clean from the inside and out.
Our professional installer working on this led conversion for Dunkin Donuts
Finished product. Now the sign is brighter , save money on power , and will not break down for a long long time.

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