NYC Neon Sign Fabrication Installation & Repair

We are a full service sign shop and we design , fabricate and install  all types of neon signs and all of this is done in house.

We also service neon signs that we have made or signs that have been made by others. Our bucket trucks are stocked ready to go to try to get your sign fixed on the first trip out.

Neon is still around and we can make new neon or repair your existing neon. Don’t let the other guys tell you neon is no longer being used or convert to led.

We own our own trucks and are ready to go when you need us. Other companies are charging $500 plus to just come look at the sign because they have to rent equipment to come do the job.

Only time we would recommend replacing neon with LED is if its a channel letter and the neon is not going to be exposed. Meaning it will be behind a piece of plastic.

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