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Why convert neon to LED?

1) Cost saving

-LED are about on average 75 % more energy efficient then neon .

-Power supplies are about half the price of a neon transformer.

-Less parts to go bad. Which means less service calls which means more money in your pocket.

  • 1 piece of neon has the glass and the two electrodes.Each electrode can go bad and cause neon not to work.
  • Glass on the neon is very fragile can break very easily
  • Neon transformer can go bad because of age , shorts , not using the right voltage and or ma all variables which would not cause it to not work but will make it last alot less. Basically when you get your neon there is no way of telling who ever made it did a good job or not you basically just have to wait and see what happens.
  • Wire can short out from becoming old and brittle or can short out at many points going from a letter to raceway or wires connecting neon from one letter to another.
  • Alot faster to diagnose then neon if it does go bad. Neon you have to check the transformer , every piece of neon , wiring  housings etc. In a LED set up its either the driver(transformer) or the LEDs.
  • LED can be replaced right there and then compared to neon which requires  it to be fixed off site which means there is a return trip which you will have to pay for. At 125$ an hour if 1 peice of neon breaks that means  your paying a minimum of 250 just to fix one piece of neon.

    2) Last longer

    -Neon made the right way should last around 30,000 hours.

    -Most LED in the market last 100,000 hours plus.

    -In most channel letter applications especially white , LED looks alot better and brighter then neon.

    3) Safety

    -Operates at 12-24 volts compared to neon which can vary from 5000-15000 volts.

    -Lower voltage means less maintenance. Many service calls are usually because there is a short somewhere in which instead of power going through the neon it shorts to ground which means your sign does not work makes the transformers go bad and can cause the sign to catch on fire.

    – Alot safer to work with installation and maintenance for the installer.

    4) Green

    -Does not use mercury like neon.

    -Most of the times neon is not recycled properly and the mercury goes right back into the ground which results in mercury entering the water table and eventually hurting us.

    -Uses 75% less power which  means less carbon emissions.

    -Neon transformers have tar and other toxic materials which are used to  insulate the wiring inside which can leak out.

    -Neon transformers are very heavy compared to a LED driver which means it will make your sign lighter.

    -Neon transformers are VERY heavy and bigger in size compared to a LED driver which means when the truck is stocked with multiple transformers , the truck consumes more fuel , also when a piece of neon goes bad there has to be a return trip to the shop for the neon to be made which also is a waste of fuel. LED lighting comes in a strip does not have to be taken back to the shop.



    -After its rated life the LED will not be as bright . At that point we can come there and just change out the LED’s with new ones.

    So how do we get started?

    1) Take a picture of your sign and give us the letter height and we can give you a price quote to retrofit your sign.You can email your pictures to for us to review.

    2) Once you approve we come there with all the parts to get you going, we open all the letters clean all the faces take out all the neon components , and wiring. Install the LEDs onto the letters and the driver and put the faces back on and your done.

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