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Switch from Metal Halide / High Pressure Sodium TO LED

We are a full service sign company and we also service and install parking lot lighting in Queens , Brooklyn , Bronx , Manhattan and Staten Island.

Recent technology has come out with new LED technology which is a lot more cost efficient then conventional metal halide or high pressure sodium lighting.



Lamp life  comparison .

Metal Halide average about 12-1500 hours under optimal conditions.

LED lasts average of 100, 000 hours

If you just compare prices in switching out a lamp inside the metal halide fixture :

100,000 / 15,000 = 9.xx lets say 10 lamps.

10 lamps x 30$ a lamp (250w) = 300$ in just lamps compared to LED .

10 service calls to change out the lamp @ 125 / hr = 1250$ in labor to change out the lamp .

Just in lamps and service calls your cost is 1550 compared to LED which would need NONE.

On top of all this the LED fixture takes a fraction of the power .

Less power, more light, save money , save the environment (carbon footprint) what more could you ask for?



Comparison # 1

250W MH VS 250LED

Venture Lighting Ballast 250 W MH power consumption – 290 watts

Raab ALED2T78 LED Fixture 250 W equivalent               –  90 watts

290 watts x 8 hours a day x 365 days in a year =846,800 watts / 1000(kilowatts) = 846.8 x .25 cents per kw avg= 211.7$ a year

90 watss x 8 hours a day x 365 days in a year =262,800 watts / 1000(kilowatts) = 262.8 x .25 cents per kw avg = 65.7$ a year

The dollar amounts equal how much you are spending on energy costs a year.

Comparison # 2

Venture Lighting 1 W wall pack consumption –                         206 watts

Raab WPLED26 fixture equivalent to MH 175 consumption – 30.2 watts

Information listed here have been obtained by Raab website at and Venture lighting Company at



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